How to Find Your Home Style

Moving into a new place can bring a whole set of challenges to the forefront. However, you can conquer them and figure out the best way for your home to look. If you are stuck on ideas for home décor and designs, look no further for the inspiration you need to make your home look stunning.

Use Your Life as Inspiration

Your home is an expression of yourself, so take a look inward and see how you can put yourself into your home décor. Do you enjoy wearing bold colors, cooking, or working with plants? These can give you hints to the type of furniture you might like in your house. For instance, people that enjoy organization in their closet or outfit will likely prefer décor that closely matches throughout the home. If you enjoy natural tones in your makeup or wardrobe, your home may benefit from natural tones as well.

Look Around the Neighborhood

home décor and designsmodern or contemporary

Look around and see what homes draw your attention. Are they more modern or contemporary? Look for what really speaks to you and catches the eye. Even the decorations on porches can lend to how your home looks after decorating. If you find yourself liking more traditional homes, you may prefer muted colors and clean lines throughout the home.

Use Magazines

There is nothing wrong with looking to magazines for improvement ideas. Magazine covers and the articles inside provide valuable insight into the décor of homes and how to make sure everything looks great alongside each other. These can help you get a clearer vision of how you want your space to look. You can clip out pages and look at them several times to figure out a design scheme that looks good to you.

Use What You Dislike

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you like, try thinking of what you do not like. This can be a great starting place for individuals that are struggling to find their style. You can even make a list to keep yourself from making decisions that you regret and having to return items. Once you figure out the things you don’t like, you can stay away from them and build your list until you have figured out a pattern to the types of items and furniture that you enjoy.

Take Quizzes

There are tons of online quizzes that help you figure out the style your home would look best in. Your personal style is also taken into account, so you can stop all the guessing and returning of items. You can find quizzes anywhere – just search around and take a few to see how they guide you.

A blank canvas can be almost impossible to paint on because there is so much you could do. The big challenge in decorating a home is figuring out how to go about it and what makes you feel good. Since you’ll be spending ample time in the home, it is important to make sure it’s comfortable and expresses your personal style.