7 Quick Tips to Keep A/C Cooling Costs Low

With summer just around the corner, many homeowners are looking forward to a change in the weather. But, to keep cool, an efficiently operating A/C is needed. Cooling the home accounts for about 35% of all energy used in the home. It’s important that you are getting the most out of your cooling system. Put the seven tips below to work to keep cooling costs down without sacrificing the comfort that you want.

1.    Schedule preventative maintenance now. It’s been some time since the A/C has been used. A quick inspection and tune up helps ensure that the unit is ready to provide the cool comforts you need for the summer.

2.    Choose the best A/C unit from the start. Always look for energy star air conditioners burlington ma to save the maximum possible amount of money. Not all A/C units are created equally.

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3.    Do not forget to change the filters. Dirty A/C filters cause the unit to work harder to cool the home and deplete the lifetime and efficiency as well. Filters are inexpensive & simple to change each month.

4.    Turn the AC off when weather temperatures outside are nice and the extra air really isn’t needed. Opening the windows will let in some fresh air and keep you cool on these days.

5.    The ceiling fan is your friend not only for aesthetic appeal but comfort, too. Turning the ceiling fan on will circulate the air throughout the home so you can turn down the temperatures and cut cooling costs.

6.    Close the blinds and curtains during the day. The heat from the sun can quickly heat up a home and when it’s already muggy outside, it makes for unbearable conditions very quickly.

7.    Upgrade the windows! It could be that all of your money is blowing out the windows. If you feel drafts, maybe it’s time for this upgrade.