Common Air Conditioner Problems

Your air conditioner can go through a lot of problems that you may not know about if it’s not being regularly serviced by a professional. You may ask yourself why things aren’t working, such as ‘why is my conditioner fan not spinning?’, only to experience a break down and get repairs that could be costly depending on what’s going on with your unit.

There are some common problems that many homeowners face when dealing with their air conditioning unit. Let’s take a look at some of these issues and how they can affect your home and air conditioning unit.

Not Cooling the Home Efficiently

If you notice that the air getting into your home isn’t as cold as you want it to be, there could be a clog in your system that is not letting air get through properly. This can be caused by unclean filters and leads to further issues developing, such as freezing of the evaporator coil that can cause even more clogging. Keep filters clean to cool down the home more efficiently.

It could also be due to closed vents, so make sure each one is open. If this isn’t the case, then you may be experiencing a leak due to your system being old or improperly installed. Get a certified technician near you to look at your unit and determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

Water Leaks

Water damage can cause expensive damage to your home, so if you notice water leaking inside the home you should turn off your unit. The drain line may be clogged, causing excess water to back up and go into your home. A wet/dry vacuum may be used to unclog the line, but if it doesn’t work then an HVAC technician should be called in to assess the air conditioning unit and make sure it functions properly.

Stopped Turning on or Off

When trying to turn off your air conditioner, you may notice that it takes a very long time to stop running. This can be due to a filter being clogged or it can also be the result of other problems with your air conditioner, such as:

–    Fan relay is stuck

–    Thermostat cable has a short

–    Thermostat is no longer functional

why is my conditioner fan not spinningcool down the home more efficiently

If your unit won’t turn on, then you should consider scheduling a time for your unit to be serviced by a highly qualified technician that can make sure any problems in your unit are fixed so that your home stays cool and comfortable for you and the entire family throughout the year.

With summer on the way, there is no time to worry about a unit not working properly. Visit professionals near you to make sure that your unit is functioning properly and there is less of a chance of emergency repairs being needed in the future. The heat can be uncomfortable and cause damage to the body as well as items in the home, so keep yourself and your family comfortable by taking care of your AC unit.